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Mental Health Awareness

As advocates for people living with a mental health condition, our training provides an awareness of mental illness and the effects of trauma.  Our training  in an effort to erase the stigmas associated with these conditions.


Participants will be able to:

- Identify early warning signs, facts and statistics about youth mental health

-Learn to listen non-judgmentally

-Give reassurance and information

-Encourage professional help and self-help

-Assess for the risk of suicide

Interventions include:


-Music Therapy

-Expressive Writing Therapy

Trauma Informed Pedagogy and Practices

In this experience, participants will collaborate using prompt driven scenarios and discussions, to foster an understanding of the key components of trauma-informed classroom practices. 

Topics will include:

-An understanding of how traumatic experiences undermine students’ development in ways that affect classroom functioning

-The ability to proactively intervene using evidence-based trauma informed and  responsive instructional practices

-How writing instruction/assessments can shift from reactive and punitive, to proactive and positive. 

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